What is PhotoCare®® Equipment Insurance?
PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance is an exclusive equipment insurance policy purchased by PPA for U.S. based PPA Professional Active and Life members. Under a blanket policy administered through PPA’s exclusive broker, Lockton Affinity, LLC, eligible PPA members can opt in and receive $15,000 worth of equipment coverage as part of their PPA membership.

As a not-for-profit organization, the PPA members’ dues are returned to them through exclusive benefits such as this type of insurance coverage. No other professional photographer organization will pay your photography equipment insurance premium to help protect you when things go wrong.

What’s the difference between PhotoCare® and PhotoCare® Plus Equipment Insurance?
PhotoCare® is purchased by PPA for eligible PPA members who have opted-in for coverage. PPA pays the premiums for these PPA members for $15,000 of basic equipment coverage.

PhotoCare® Plus is available to all U.S. based PPA members as a stand alone individual policy or as additional coverage above the $15,000 Photo Care purchased by PPA for eligible PPA members. Premiums are paid by the PPA member.

If I have existing coverage for my photo equipment, should I cancel my existing coverage for this program?
We strongly encourage you to review the insurance policy that currently covers your equipment and compare that to the coverage the PhotoCare® policy offers. A copy of the PhotoCare® policy is available for your review on our website at www.ppa.locktonaffinity.com.

What limits of coverage are available for PhotoCare®/PhotoCare® Plus?
PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance purchased by PPA for eligible members provides $15,000 in equipment coverage (of which a maximum of $5,000 can apply to computer hardware).
PhotoCare® Plus Equipment Insurance can provide up to $100,000 in equipment coverage.

Are there any applicable sublimits in the PhotoCare® Policy?
Yes, there are coverage sublimits for both water damage and for theft from an unoccupied building. The sublimit for each of these coverages is a maximum of $7,500.

Who is the insurance carrier for this coverage? Who is the broker?
The PhotoCare® and PhotoCare® Plus Equipment Insurance coverages are insured by Mt. Hawley Insurance Company (A Member of RLI Group), an A+ Superior rated insurance carrier specializing in property and casualty placements. Lockton Affinity, LLC is PPA’s exclusive broker for these policies.

How do I obtain a copy of my PhotoCare® and/or PhotoCare® Plus policy?
The PhotoCare® insurance policy can be downloaded from our website anytime by visiting www.ppa.locktonaffinity.com.   

You can download your PhotoCare® Plus documents at the conclusion of the online transaction. Additionally, they will be emailed to you once your purchase is complete.

Does coverage extend while I am out of the United States?
PhotoCare® and PhotoCare® Plus Equipment Insurance coverage extends worldwide.

I work as an independent contractor at three different studios. How does this policy cover my photo equipment?
PhotoCare® and PhotoCare® Plus Equipment Insurance policies are designed to provide coverage for a covered peril to the owned equipment of eligible PPA members. Members must have activated or purchased coverage and be in good standing with the PPA for coverage. Please be aware that your policy only extends to your equipment, not your employer’s equipment.

Do I have to be a member of the PPA to sign up for the insurance?
Yes, to take advantage of the members-only insurance benefits, you must be a PPA member in good standing. If you are not a member of Professional Photographers of America, but wish to take advantage of this member benefit, please contact PPA at 800-786-6277.

I am a new PPA member and just opted-in to my coverage. Is it effective immediately?
Coverage is effective at 12:00AM local time the day following activation. If you have questions regarding opting-in, or purchasing additional lines of coverage to protect your equipment or your business, contact Lockton Affinity, LLC at 888-202-1526.

Do you take paper applications?
If you are eligible for PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance purchased by PPA for Professional Active and Life members, you must opt in online. For PhotoCare® Plus Equipment Insurance, you can apply online at www.ppa.locktonaffinity.com. The application process is quick and you will receive your policy documents at the end of the online process. If you are unable to purchase the coverage online, please contact Lockton Affinity, LLC at 888-202-1526 for assistance.

Do PhotoCare® or PhotoCare® Plus policies include General Liability coverage?
No, a separate policy is needed. You can access the General Liability coverage by visiting www.ppa.lockatonaffinity.com. The PPA Insurance Solutions General Liability coverage is very affordable and the process to purchase is simple. If you own a studio and need a Business Owners policy, the General Liability coverage is included in that policy. Please call Lockton Affinity, LLC to discuss at (888) 202-1526.

Does my homeowners insurance cover my photographic equipment?
Homeowners insurance policies vary in the coverage that they offer. Refer to your specific homeowners policy to understand the coverage it affords you, or contact your homeowners insurance agent.

Who is eligible for Photo Care Equipment Insurance?
PPA Professional Active and Life members are eligible for PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance, which is purchased for them by PPA.

I am a Canadian/International PPA member. Am I eligible for PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance?
No, coverage is only available to U.S. based PPA Professional Active and Life members.

What is the premium I pay for PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance coverage?
The premium for the PhotoCare® policy has been paid for by the PPA as a member benefit to you.

How do I opt in for PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance?
It’s simple! Log in to PPA.com using your user name and password. Under the My PPA section of ppa.com, if you are eligible for PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance, all you’ll need to do is click on the “Yes, I would like to opt in for PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance!” and you’ll be covered.

Why do I have to opt in for PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance?
PPA is purchasing your PhotoCare® Equipment coverage and paying your premium. If you have not opted-in to the PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance program, you will not be listed as eligible on the policy to file a claim. PPA needs you to opt in to add you to the policy.

Do I have to opt in for PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance?
No. If you do not need equipment insurance for your photographic equipment, you should not opt in. As a Professional Active or Life member, you always have the option to opt in at a later time.

I’m a PPA Professional Active member, but my employee is not. Is her equipment covered under my PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance policy?
Only eligible equipment owned and purchased by a PPA Professional Active or Life member is covered by the PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance policy. If she uses her own equipment during her employ, she should become a PPA Professional Active member to become qualified for her own Photo Care Equipment Insurance policy.

I’m an Aspiring/Studio Associate/Retired member. Do I get PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance?
While you are not eligible for the PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance policy that is purchased by PPA for Professional Active and Life members, you can either upgrade to a PPA Professional Active membership (thereby becoming eligible to opt in for the Photo Care Equipment Insurance) or purchase PhotoCare® Plus Equipment Insurance. This is an individual policy that only PPA members can purchase at great rates.

What happens to my PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance if I drop my PPA membership?
Your PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance premium is paid by PPA as part of your membership. If you drop your PPA membership, you will immediately lose your PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance coverage. It is important that you do not let your PPA membership lapse.

I am a Professional Active member and so is my studio partner. How does this work?
You are each eligible for $15,000 worth of PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance coverage. Please be aware that your coverage is for the equipment that you own and purchase. If you need to file a claim, your coverage will be up to $15,000 of your own equipment and your studio partner will be able to file a claim for up to $15,000 of his or her own equipment. You cannot combine for $30,000 for claim purposes.

What is the applicable deductible for the PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance policy purchased by PPA for eligible members?
The applicable deductible for the PhotoCare® policy is $250* for the first loss in a rolling 12 month period.  The deductible increases to $500* for the second loss in a rolling twelve month period and then to $750* for the third loss in a rolling twelve month period. Once you are loss free for a twelve month period, the applicable deductible reverts back to $250*.

*Note: The deductible for claims for breakage are increased by $250 for each claim.

Does the PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance policy cover computer equipment or my Ipad?
Yes, the PhotoCare® policy does provide coverage for computer hardware that is used in your work as a photographer. The policy covers items including but not limited to personal computers, laptops, tablets and printers UP TO $5,000.

Can I opt in for my PhotoCare® Equipment Insurance coverage now even though my current equipment insurance policy does not expire for 2 months?
Yes, you can activate your coverage with the PPA at any time as long as you are an Active Professional or Life member in good standing.

Does this policy provide coverage for me while I am on location, at a sporting event or covering an outdoor event?
Yes, PhotoCare® provides coverage for equipment you own including accessories and computer hardware (laptop) at all of these events.

What type of value is paid on my equipment if I have a loss?
PhotoCare® provides depreciated value, calculated on the age of the equipment. See the policy for more detail and depreciation schedules. If you prefer a full replacement value option, any U.S.-based PPA member can purchase PhotoCare® Plus. PPA members should discuss their individual needs with a PPA Insurance Solutions representative to ensure their equipment, property and business are adequately covered.