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During a photo shoot your client trips over a lighting stand causing it to fall down on her, gashing her arm. The injury requires stitches and a bill totaling $850.
While shooting a wedding, you back up trying to get the perfect angle and knock a crystal vase off of a table. The vase costs $3,000 to replace.



Business General Liability.

You shouldn't be shooting without it.

A general liability insurance policy is a must for every business owner. During the course of your work, if a client (or anyone) is injured, or if any property is damaged while you are "on the job" you could be held responsible for any damages.

The PPA Insurance Solutions general liability policy covers you for:

$1,000,000 Occurrence / $2,000,000 Aggregate Limit
Liability arising out of covered bodily injury on or off premises as a result of your business activities

Liability arising out of covered damage to property of others
Liability arising out of real or alleged faults in work completed by or for your business resulting in bodily injury or property damage
Coverage for personal and advertising injury liability




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